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    Of Casa Verano is a new , young and small kennel meant as amateur work with now and then a litter.
    Our 4 bitches live with us inside the house and are perfectly socialized.

    Our purpose is to breed golden retrievers :

  • with a nice expression in the head ( of course everybody has his own taste)
  • with a pleasant and cheerful character to have inside your home
  • which copes with the demand of the breed standards ( www.grcb.be )
  • controled on healthy aspects which are sensitive for the breed ( cataract , staar , PRA ), hips ( dysplasie )

    We are extremely selective for any breed combination , meant to improve the breed species.
    We turn our attention to a nice coat , a good chest , dark eyes , a correct position of shoulders ,
    good  angulations in forehand and hind-quarters , good neck and topline , expression in the head , a topline ,
    lovely character and aptitude to work ... for ultimately we breed real gun dogs.
    The passion for the retrieving work must be kept.
    We work in the obedience discipline but also attach importance to the field work.
    We often participate on shows , with the intensions of a certain notoriety , a well as to learn from
    experiened people and to keep a good look-out for a suitable male.

    Now you know , best visitor , what we stand for.
    Meant as a friendly advice...

    If you are looking for a golden puppy , make inquiries and be critical , ask the right questions.
    Never buy a golden puppy impulsively because they look so lovely.
    Finally you bring in a new housemate for at least 10 to 14 years ,
    with all his good and disadvantages. ( such as moulting -time...)
    All the time you are responsible for your dog!
    Remember , a golden is a lovely , intelligent , sensitive and active dog who demands
    A LOT OF TIME , LOVE and ATTENTION from his master(s) !!!
    You'll have to free some time to walk , to play , to take care of , to train your dog...
    The energy which is typically specific to that breed must be unloaded , if not you will get some behaviour problems.
    The education of your golden requires time , patience , a little bit of knowledge ,
    knowledge acquired by training in a dog's club( see links ).
    If you are interested in competition or not , training your dog is always advantageous for you and your dog.

    You can come everywhere with a well-mannered dog : in a restaurant , on a terrace ,
    at a campground , on a market , in the traffic , on the bus or train.
    It is self-evident that you have more social contacts , walking with a dog.
    The more you are busy with your dog , the stronger will be your band.

    Select a good , reliable , attainable vet.
    Note when you must have your dog vaccinated , when to renew the vermifuge etc.

    A decent groomed golden not only looks nicer but gives an impression to be well cared for.
    We are at your service to trim your golden .
    Please make an appointment on 0032 (0) 9 /251 75 91

    Concerning dog-food , we prefer Hills because we had the best results after feeding dogs for more than 13 years.

    Marc is instructor obedience in the retrieverclub WILL TO PLEASE.
    Private training sessions can be followed, swimming lessons for your dog as well as a trimturn for your golden retriever.     Advice concerning any behaviourproblems during the education of your dog can be given.