Of Casa Verano

We have golden retrievers since 1995.

We were looking for a nice pet , like so many people.
We met Kristof Gryson , at Gentbrugge , of the kennel " Of Purdy's cottage " .
We bought our first golden there , called "Timba" , "Tiffany Of Purdy's Cottage " .

Tiffany Of Purdy's Cottage

We took some obedience lessons.
We made a lot of mistakes which give us the apportunity to learn a lot.
Timba was a lovely , faithful , social dog.
She passed away unfortunately very abrupt and very early.


On 12/03/1997 we bought " Venus van 't hof Pierlapont " , daughter of Dual Champion Stacey van 't hof Pierlapont ,
called "Omancy " , with breeder Ingrid Lahousse in Loppem.

Venus van 't hof Pierlapont

Meanwhile we were regular members of the club Will To Please ( see links ).
Omancy was well beloved. We learned a lot from you darling also about hunting and retrieving work.
Unfortunately we had to stand away from her at the age of 8.

Omancy and Timba , we will never forget you !